The Metro Council is a unique agency, the only one of its kind in the nation, and Chris is uniquely qualified as a leader on the planning and environmental issues that are at the heart of its mission. In a town where some of the transportation agencies are unaccountable, voters have this one chance to elect a transportation expert who is rooted in the community. 

David Bragdon, National Transit Advocate, Former Metro Council President

“Please vote for and give to Chris Smith for Metro. Chris has spent years laboring in the vineyards of the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission, fighting for land use policies that build walkable, bikeable, transit-able neighborhoods and affordable housing. Climate is his #1 priority. Also, twenty years ago, he helped beat a huge Bill Sizemore tax cut for the rich by pointing out something that I, as the campaign policy guy, had missed – basically we and the Legislative Revenue office were underestimating just how bad the tax cut was. He deserves to win some office for that alone.    

Steve Novick, former Portland City Commissioner

Endorsement list updated as of February 16, 2020
Former Metro Council President David Bragdon
Former Portland City Commissioner Steve Novick
Portland Public Schools Board Member Scott Bailey

Portland Planning and Sustainability Commissioner Steph Routh
Portland Planning and Sustainability Commissioner Katie Larsell
Portland Planning and Sustainability Commissioner (former Chair) Katherine Schultz
Portland Planning and Sustainability Commissioner Jeff Bachrach
Former Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission Chair Don Hanson

Iain Mackenzie, member, Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee
Rithy Khut, Chair, Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee

Leslie Carlson, small business owner
Joe Cortright, economist
Arlene Kimura, East Portland advocate
Bob Sallinger, conservation advocate
John Russell, business leader
Stephen Gomez, small business owner (joint endorsement)
Adrian Pearmine, transportation planner
Eli Spevak, affordable housing developer
Michael Whitesel, small business owner
Ellen Vanderslice, transportation planner and pedestrian advocate
Kol Peterson, ADU developer
Neil Heller, affordable housing developer
Scott Kocher, lawyer, transportation advocate
Aaron Brown, land use and transportation justice advocate
Lenny Dee, conservation advocate
Linda Nettekoven, nonprofit director
Lenny Anderson, transportation advocate
Ted Labbe, conservation and sustainability advocate
Travis Williams, environmental advocate
Catie Gould, climate and transportation advocate
John August Russell, traffic engineer, member Multnomah County Bicycle and Pedestrian Citizen Advisory Committee
Alex Zimmerman, transportation advocate
Chris McCraw, board member at Shift, community builder
Roger Geller, transportation planner
Leslie Johnson, community leader
Katherine Deumling, small business person, Cook With What You Have

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