Great news for the Freeway Fight

Today, according to reports from Willamette Week and The Portland Mercury, Albina Vision Trust and a number of elected leaders are officially revoking their support of ODOT’s proposed Rose Quarter Freeway Expansion. I cast the first “no” vote by a public official on the “Rose Quarter Improvement Project” when I asked to separate the freewayContinue reading “Great news for the Freeway Fight”

What does Black Lives Matter mean for Metro?

Do you hear the sound of glass breaking? Those are paradigms being shattered! As someone who has worked tirelessly to promote climate-smart communities, healthier transportation systems and affordable housing by breaking the paradigm of overreliance on drive-alone auto trips, and the freeway-industrial complex that supports it, this is very exciting to me.  But this isContinue reading “What does Black Lives Matter mean for Metro?”

“Chris Smith Geeky. Informed. Workaholic. He’s no average activist”

This column, written by Anna Griffin, was originally published in The Oregonian on August 7, 2006. Seeing as how Chris is back in the political sphere, we thought we’d share it again to highlight that he was winning accolades for his environmental advocacy of land use and transportation in the local newspaper a full 15Continue reading ““Chris Smith Geeky. Informed. Workaholic. He’s no average activist””